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We provide daily pet care from 6:30am until 8:30pm 365 days a year! You will receive a notification when we arrive, and a personalized report card once the visit is complete including photos of your pet and a GPS map for dog walks. We do require a regular schedule for services.


Cat Care and Pet Sitting includes daily checkins, walks (if applicable) and feeding one to four times a day.


Our pet care providers are all fully trained and certified. They have passed a background check and are actual employees, not independent contractors and they enjoy benefits like health insurance, paid time off and more. Most of our team have been with us for years! We are also all certified in Pet First Aid & CPR and Pet Behavior & Training and/or Animal Psychology. 

We service exclusively the Hyde Park, Bronzeville and Woodlawn areas and all live in the neighborhood as well! 

Dog Walks

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15 Minutes - $15
20 Minutes - $17
30 Minutes - $20
45 Minutes - $25
60 Minutes - $30
Each Additional Dog + $5
Evening Walks + $5

Cat Care

15 Minute Visit - $13
20 Minute Visit - $15
30 Minute Visit - $18
45 Minute Visit - $23
60 Minute Visit - $28

Each Additional Cat + $3
Evening Visits + $5

Pet Sitting in Our Home

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Overnight Boarding - $65/night

Each Additional Dog + $40 per night
Note: boarding is only available for our regular dog walking clients 

Pet Sitting in Your Home

Client submission! Huey (aka Huelbert ak
Pet Sitting in your home - $85/night

Each Additional Dog + $20 per night
Each Additional Cat + $3 per visit/feeding
Note: pet sitting is only available for our regular dog walking clients 


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In-home Consultation - $35
30 Minute Session - $40
45 Minute Session - $50
60 Minute Session - $60
Weekend Training Retreat - $200

Doggy Daycare
(coming soon)

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 2.05.37 PM.png
AM Half Day - $40
PM Half Day - $40
Full Day - $50

Pet Taxi (Hyde Park only) +$10 each way
After hours pickup and drop off (no taxi) + $15
Each Additional Dog + $30 for half day
+ $40 for full day
10 day half day package is $385
10 day full day package is $475