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REGULARITY – We are not an “on-demand” dog walkers. Most of our clients are at the same time on the same days each week. Each client fills out an “intake form” and we meet every single client and pet personally before starting service. 

CONSISTENCY – All of our employees have regular shifts and consistent days that they work based upon their individual availability and needs. 

PROTECTION – We pay for your pet sitter’s insurance and because all of our employees are also W2 employees (not independent contractors) we also have workman’s comp if you are hurt on the job, and unemployment insurance in case you lose your job through no fault of your own. 

LOCATION – We only service the Hyde Park, Bronzeville and Woodlawn neighborhoods meaning all of our clients are very close together.

CLIENTS – We handle all of the insurance, licensing, marketing, building your route, meeting with new clients, setting up their online profiles, getting keys, scheduling, and billing. All you have to worry about is the fun part of the business: taking care of pets!

BENEFITS – Along with Workmans Comp, Unemployment Insurance, a lower tax burden as an employee vs being an independent contractor, pet sitters insurance, and everything else we have outlined – we also offer paid time off, transportation/mileage pay for our dog walkers (for people that drive as well as bike), and - for FT employees - health, dental and vision insurance.

PAY – Dog walkers are paid per service, plus tips, mileage/transportation which totals about $20 an hour, including travel time. Daycare attendants start at $17/hr plus tips. View our pay rates HERE.



GENERAL – You must be at least 18 years of age and able to work in the United States. You must authorize and pass a criminal background check. Dog walkers must have a reliable car or bike and be accustomed to urban commuting if planning on using a bike as your primary means of transportation. Living in or near Hyde Park is a huge plus! 


A love for animals is a must but professional experience is not necessary - we will train the right person! Experience in the service industry is a plus (such as Starbucks, kitchen work, etc.)


WORK ETHIC – We have built Hyde Bark from the ground up starting with a single client in 2015 to over 800 clients in our database as of 2022, caring for 200+ pets per day. We have worked incredibly hard to get to where we are today and the main thing that has gotten us here are integrity and ethics.


Having a strong work ethic and integrity are the number one things we absolutely expect and require. You must strive to go above and beyond, noticing and taking care of the little things, and genuinely want to help people and their pets! We do not tolerate dishonesty or laziness in our work lives. 

AVAILABILITY – You must be available 3-5 days per week for 4-8hr shifts between the hours of roughly 6am and 2pm; and/or 11am to 8pm for 20-30+ hours per week.


The ability to board dogs in your home and/or pet sit overnight in client homes is a HUGE plus. . 

TIME MANAGEMENT – Since you will work independently with little to no supervision, you must be able to self-manage your time and your travel. You must be timely and put the pets’ needs first, knowing they are waiting for you to come take care of them! We do not tolerate tardiness when it comes to a pets' care.

PHYSICALLY CAPABLE – Caring for and walking dogs is a wonderful job but it is very physical! You must be able and willing to continuously walk and move for at least four hours a day, up to nine if full-time. You do have to have some physical strength and good mobility. 

ABILITY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – Understanding and implementing instructions accurately can mean literally life or death for some animals. You must be able to follow instructions and also communicate what instructions you have followed clearly and concisely. Our application is designed to make sure you are capable of doing this so please read and answer questions carefully.


THE OWNERS – Hyde Bark was started by LeAnna in 2015 after having been a professional dog walker for well over a decade including for an awesome company on the north side called Chicago Dog Walkers. Within just a few months, her husband Brandon quit his job to help her running the business. We truly care about others and strive to show appreciation to our employees just as much as we do the clients. We believe our service is only as good as the people that work for us! 

OUR WALKERS – Many of our walkers have been with us for years, some since the beginning of Hyde Bark! We are proud to have very little turnover. We do expect top performance and we want people that LOVE their job, not people that will just “get the job done”. We are constantly growing and thus constantly in need of more amazing walkers! 

OUR GOAL – We believe happy clients and happy walkers are two sides of the same coin that is Pet Happiness. The well-being of the pets in our care is our #1 priority, hands down. If you love your job and love the pets, the clients will see that! Our job as the owners of Hyde Bark is to carefully vet our employees and make sure you have everything you need to succeed on the job and be happy. We want people to be able to make a living caring for animals and we will give you the means to do so if you are willing to work hard! 


The application below is the first interview – please note it takes about an hour to complete. If you appear to be a good fit, we will contact you for a short second interview either in person or via Zoom. If you and we decide to proceed the application process, you will then train for one week with a-2 other walkers and finally become certified Pet First Aid & CPR, and complete a Pet Care Certification test. We want to make sure you are completely comfortable and set up for success!

Positions Currently Available

We currently have both FT and PT positions available for dog walkers and daycare attendants. The shifts available are:


  • AM PT Dog Walker and Cat Sitter: 6am to 11am

  • PM PT Dog Walker and Cat Sitter: 11am to 4pm

  • FT Dog Walker & Cat Sitter 6am to 2pm

  • FT Dog Walker & Cat Sitter: 11am to 8pm