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Why do dogs have to be neutered or spayed to attend Hyde Bark Play Park?

Unfortunately, due to the changing and increased hormones an unaltered dog produces as they reach maturity, it can cause conflict and fights. We mostly see other dogs reacting poorly to the unaltered dog, not the other way around.

My dog has never been to a doggy daycare before. Will she like it?

We hope so! However, doggy daycare is not for all dogs. We will let you know if daycare is not the best fit for your dog. We want all of the dogs that come in to enjoy coming and be happy to be there!

What are some reasons a dog may be “expelled” from doggy daycare?

If your dog poses a safety issue to the other dogs, our staff or themselve. Such as if they are overly anxious and do not enjoy being there, do not take social cues from other dogs, they are not responsive to staff, etc.

Are the dogs separated by size?

The dogs are separated by both size and temperament. We have three separate lots so if a dog doesn't ”fit in” with one group, we can try another group.

What is the best way to introduce my dog to doggy daycare?

We recommend a two-step process. First, scheduling a private tour so you and your dog can come in and check out the play rooms. This can help the dog to get familiar with the environment with the comfort and reassurance of their pawrent being there with them. Next, all dogs have a free trial day. This can be a full day or half day. We recommend a half day for the first day so that they have time to get comfortable but also are not overwhelmed being in a strange new place all day long.

How often should I bring my dog to doggy daycare?

We recommend at least 2 times a week so that they can make consistent friends and get into a routine. Many dogs love to come 5 days a week, however some might get pretty tired by Friday so it really depends on your dog!

How do I schedule doggy daycare?

You can either schedule as needed via our Time to Pet app or website each, or we can set up a recurring schedule for you so you do not have to worry about doing it each week. We ask that you request doggy daycare for the upcoming week by Sunday evening to both ensure we have a spot for your dog, but to also make sure we are properly staffed each day.

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