Walking with Dogs


Leash training is one-on-one with your walker and dog to teach your dog to cease undesirable leash behaviors like pulling and reactivity towards other dogs, small animals, etc. We use positive reinforcement pairing discipline, genuine enthusiastic praise and treats. We use commands such as sit, leave it, watch me. Our Leash Trainers are Lyvonne, LeAnna, Francesca and Victoria. 

Puppies 101 is an in-your-home "all things puppies" class for YOU! During this class, we will teach you about crate training, housebreaking, toys, grooming, leash walking, socialization and more as well as answer any questions you may have on how to raise your puppy to be the best and happiest dog possible! Lyvonne, LeAnna, Victoria and Margaret are our Puppies 101 Trainers.

Dog training is provided by Lyvonne. Lyvonne is the author of the book, So You Have a Dog - Now What? The 411 on Dog Ownership For Current and Future Dog Owners. Lyvonne is certified in both Animal Psychology and Dog Behavior & Training, and has 15+ years of experience working with dogs from puppies to adulthood both personally and professionally. Lyvonne also offers one-on-one weekend training retreats in her home from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings. Note: We recommend a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week for all training and training with Lyvonne does require a regular preset schedule each week. An in-home consultation is required before booking any training with Lyvonne, and dogs attending the weekend retreat must be fully housebroken.

Puppies 101

In-home Puppy Class - 1hour

Leash Training

20 Minutes - $25
30 Minutes - $28
45 Minutes - $34
60 Minutes - $40


with Lyvonne 

In-home Consultation - $35
30 Minute Session - $40
60 Minute Session - $60
Weekend Training Retreat - $200

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