Hi! My name is LeAnna. Welcome to Hyde Bark!


I started Hyde Bark in 2015 after having worked as a dog walker for other companies as well as on my own for over a decade. I always said it was the "best job I ever had". Prior to starting Hyde Bark, I was a stay-at-home mom. Once my son started school, I decided to get back into dog walking for no other reason than it was something I had always loved doing! 


I am so proud to have grown from a single client back in 2015 to today in which our amazing little team cares for around 150 pets each and every day all just in the Hyde Park, Bronzeville and Woodlawn areas! 


I currently live in an old row home in North Kenwood/Bronzeville with my ten year old son, Isaac, two rescue bunnies, Tyler Tot & Smudge, and two rescue cats, CC and Lou. I love animals, watching nature shows and documentaries, reading, art, cooking, and staying involved with my community though volunteer work and supporting other local small businesses.