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Coronavirus Safety 


We provide all of our walkers with their own high quality custom Hyde Bark leashes for dog walks 



We wash our hands between each dog walk or cat visit. Please be sure to leave soap available

Washing Hands


We provide our walkers and sitters with hand sanitizer spray to use before and after each walk or cat visit, and to also wipe down common surfaces after cat sitting and vacation care (such as door handles, sink handles and litter box scooper handles)

Cleaning the Counter


We provide our walkers and sitters with masks to wear when entering and exiting your home 

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Summer Safety 

How Hot Is Too Hot infographic.png

Please use your discretion and shorten your dog's walks to 20-30 minutes max when temperatures are high. See below for a few cooling devices you can purchase to help your pup "beat the heat"! And some tips for keeping your indoor pets cool, too!

Cooling Bandanas 

Simply soak the bandana and the special technology will turn the bandana ice cold to keep your pup cool. Available in small, medium and large. 


Cooling Mats 

Cooling mat for your dog to lay down on and cool off after a hot summer stroll! Foldable for easy storage and come sin multiple sizes


Freezer pops 

Fun refillable "popsicles" for after a hot walk! Simply put water in and freeze before giving it to your dog to chew on. Also good for teething puppies! 


Elevated Bed

Off-the-ground design promotes and increases air flow on all sides of the bed, keeping your pet cool. Also easy to wash and maintain

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